10 Best Three Cabin/Stateroom Sailboats For Under $200,000

Can You Name This Three Stateroom Bluewater Cruiser?

There is a great discussion on a Cruisers Forum thread where the fellow is looking for a three stateroom sailboat for a reasonable price. I thought I would add to and distill the information there. The below list consists ten of the best live aboard, bluewater sailboats for a family with children that needs three staterooms. Such a family usually has a budget of between $100,000 to $200,000. They have some sailing experience including chartering, lake racing, and maybe owning a smaller sailboat in the 30 to 40 foot range. They need an extra stateroom or two so their children can have their own space while cruising. This necessarily will push the yacht into the 45 to 55 foot length range.

This price and accommodations plan is somewhat of an elusive find. Especially, the three stateroom, center cockpit nearing $100,000 is a sailboat in high demand. I have tried to avoid pirate ships like a Force 50 which I do not consider attractive to the mainstream clientele. Most of the options below have standard fin keel and skeg rudder underbodies for normal performance. Please comment below with any suggested additions or subtractions. I have listed the sailboats in alphabetical order of brand name.

  1. Amel Super Maramu 53: Nuanced design of French yard Amel. Has a third berth along the walkthrough, so really is more of a two stateroom design. Likely priced over $200,000.
  2. Beneteau Idylle 51: One of the older, classic Beneteaus that had a heavier build. Is an aft cockpit design which does not separate the living quarters as well as in a center cockpit.
  3. Gulfstar 50: Vince Lazzara design. There are both Mark I versions with two staterooms and Mark II versions with three. These are getting a bit old. Forerunner of the 47′ Stevens design.
  4. Hylas 47: Sparkman & Stephens design skill and Queen Long quality. Early ones were called Stevens 47’s. Hylas later extended the design to become a 49-footer.
  5. Irwin 52: Roomy Ted Irwin design with raised quarterdeck and classic styling.
  6. Morgan 51 Out Island: The Morgan 51 OI is a lot of boat for the usual price of near $100,000. Ketch rig.
  7. Passport 51: This older Stan Huntington design is heavily built with a third bunk berth stateroom.
  8. Taswell 49: Ta Shing build and Bill Dixon design. Comes in a deck saloon version. Is on the higher end of the price range.
  9. Tayana 47: Robert Perry design which comes in two and three stateroom versions. Was extended to become the Tayana 48.
  10. Vagabond 47: This is an older, classic build and design. Maintaining the teak on deck is a long-term effort. If you like the Vagabond 47, you could look at other character boats like the CT 54, Force 50, and Mikelson 51.

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  1. You can get a Amel 55 with three state rooms if you have the stearn master state room split in two.

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