Hylas 56 Review: Stretched 54

Cruising World Review December 2010 (Click to Download)

Introduced at the 2010 Newport and Annapolis shows, the Hylas 56 (or Frers 55) is a stretched version of the popular 54-foot model by German Frers. LOA is 56′ 3″. Cruising World awarded her the Best Premium Sailboat Over 55-Feet for 2011. Frers stretched the design from the leading edge of the keel aft for a longer cockpit. He redesigned the stern and superstructure for both the standard and raised saloon versions. The changes increase the interior volume in the aft stateroom with more beam and 2″ more headroom. The raised saloon version has more stylized doghouse windows. Please contact us or Hylas Yachts USA for more information and the availability of production slots. See Cruising World’s excellent Hylas 56 photo gallery.

3 Replies to “Hylas 56 Review: Stretched 54”

  1. Lovely yacht! I am sure that Joseph and his team at Queen Long did a great job with the construction… I wouldn’t expect less.

    The absolutely baffling thing (to me) is the complete lack of marketing! How often is a new yacht brought into production? Maybe that is a rhetorical question… If you were bringing a new improved version of a highly successful yacht to market would you be screaming it from the mountain tops?

    Yet, not a peep from Kyle and Dick… Nothing on the website, no press in Sail, CW, (sans a tiny paragraph and image of the new offering) or any of the other rags. Amazing that Hylas is still in business today. Speaks volumes about the quality of the product!

    If there are any MARCOM directors out there please submit your resume to Kyle and Dick because they really need to get their act together….

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