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May 29, 2009

Florida Yacht Broker Association (FYBA) Membership

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Florida Yacht Brokers Association sets rules and regulations for yacht brokers.

Florida Yacht Brokers Association sets rules and regulations for yacht brokers.

To become a member of the Florida Yacht Broker Association (FYBA), you apply through the form at An applicant must work for a yacht brokerage (or possibly a yacht brokerage affiliated company). The applicant may be the owner, a salesman, or an unlicensed employee of the brokerage such as a secretary or webmaster.

Additionally, the applicant needs 2 sponsors. For the owner i.e. broker of record to become a member, his or her sponsors must be FYBA active professionalprofessional associate member. Finally, the support membership allows the sponsors to be either brokers or salespeople. His or her employing broker and a salesperson or two at the same brokerage could sponsor a support applicant. The support applicant becomes a support member.

The annual dues for the broker, salesman, and support memberships are, respectively, $200, $75, and $25 as of the print date of this article. There is no application fee.

All applicants must also provide two additional references from previous employers or business associates. These references attest to the character of the prospective member.

All Jordan Yachts employees are FYBA members in good standing. If you’re looking to become a FYBA member, contact us, and we’d love to get to know you. See us at the FYBA East Coast 3rd Thursday open houses. The cover charge is $20 for prospective members while free for members.

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