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July 17, 2010

Hylas Davits: Simpson-Lawrence, Wells Marine, Atkins and Hoyle, Kato

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Kato Voyager Davits on a Hylas 54

Hylas yachts with their sugar scoop sterns can be difficult for davits. The davit arrangement needs to reach past the swim platform and high enough vertically for dinghy stowage and security. The davits can become an obstacle in using the swim platform. The 49 is particularly difficult because of her narrower stern. The four most popular options are Simpson-Lawrence, Wells Marine, Atkins and Hoyle, and Kato davits. All these companies have experience with manufacturing davits which function properly and blend into the lines of Hylas yachts.

Simpson Lawrence Davits on a Hylas 54

Simpson-Lawrence, a UK company, makes davits that cost around $20,000, are high quality, and nice looking. They consist of two articulating, telescoping heads that allow you to tightly secure your dinghy. They do not interfere with the railing and attach to the transom and work well on all the 46, 49, 54, and 70. As one fellow I think eloquently said, “They are expensive…but so are large, semi-custom yachts.” See the photo to the left to see how they look on a Hylas 54.

Wells Marine Arch on a Hylas 49

Wells Marine
Wells Marine located in Fort Lauderdale makes an arch that is functional and at a reasonable cost. The arch integrates with the stanchions and provides excellent room for the dinghy, solar, and other cruising equipment. Wells uses 304 stainless which is stronger than 316 though less resistant to the elements. The arch arrangement is busier looking than the cleaner looking davits. One issue is the optional teak stern seats offered on Hylas yachts. To have both the seats and the wells arch, you will need to ask Queen Long to weld the seats a tad further forward on the stern pulpit. See the photo to the right for a Wells arch on a Hylas 49.

Kato Islander Davits on a Hylas 46

Kato Marine, an Annapolis manufacturer, makes davits in two versions. The Islander davits are stainless and integrate with the stanchions while the Voyager davits are heavier duty aluminum and secure to the transom. Kato has nice straps to secure your davits. The arms can have an optional roll bar between them for more support. The roll bar somewhat impedes access to the swim platform. They retail for around $5,000. See the photo to the left for an idea of what Kato Islander davits with a roll bar look like on a Hylas 46.

Atkins and Hoyle Davits

Atkins and Hoyle
Atkins and Hoyle, a Canadian manufacturer, makes davits for Hylas yachts. They can secure independent of the stanchions, and you can purchase vertical extensions to help clear the swim platform. To the right is a photo on Atkins and Hoyle davits. If anyone has A&K davits on a Hylas, I would appreciate a Hylas photo to better illustrate how they integrate with the stern.

Simpson-Lawrence, Wells Marine, Kato, and Atkins and Hoyle are the most popular davit manufacturers for Hylas yachts. The Simpson-Lawrence are the best looking but most expensive. The Well Marine arch is the most functional. The Kato and Atkins and Hoyle versions are excellent. Please feel free to comment below.

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