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July 28, 2010

10 Best Small Center Cockpits

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Which One of the 10 Best is shown here? A Comment Below with the Correct Answer Wins a Prize.

I met a client and showed him a center cockpit cruiser, a Hylas 44. After talking to him, I realized he was looking for a smaller boat. He belonged to the class of prospects looking for the smallest center cockpit sailboat possible. The small center cockpit is one of the most elusive, golden combinations in the yacht search. When designs shorten to below 40-feet, it is hard to find a worthwhile center cockpit yacht. At this length while the center cockpit still nicely divides up the interior, it takes up most of the prime accommodations. The list below includes 10 center cockpits under 40 feet. I have included a wide variety of mostly offshore sailboats listed by brand name. Please provide any feedback in the comment section below.

  1. Amel Sharki 39: Chantiers Amel produces all center cockpit ketches for serious offshore sailing.
  2. C&C 39 Landfall: Sistership to the her aft cockpit landfall cousins. A Tartan designed later model C&C 37/40+ has a rare aft cockpit and aft stateroom layout.
  3. Cabo Rico 36 Tiburon: Before the aft cockpit Cabo Rico 38, the Costa Rican yard made a shortened cc ketch version along the same William Crealock lines.
  4. Corbin 39 CC: Comes in center and aft cockpit versions. Watch out for the custom finished interiors. French Canadian factory built hull and deck.
  5. Endeavor 40: Tampa Bay builder during the era of Morgan, Gulfstar, and Irwin.
  6. Hallberg Rassy 38: Scandinavian builder of center cockpits. Has above average freeboard for surprising headroom.
  7. Moody 38: British builder of center cockpits. Smaller 376 is another option.
  8. Najad 396: European builder of all center cockpits including 380, 400, and 405 sisterships. Rarely seen in the USA.
  9. Oyster 39: Interesting high freeboard and stern windowed design by Holman & Pye.
  10. Pearson 390: Bill Shaw design that is less expensive.
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  • the boat pictured is a C&C 37/40. Can’t tell, of course, whether it is a + or an XL. It happens that this model is on the top of our list for “the next boat”.

  • The photo is of a C&C 37/40+ that we sold years ago. While it is not a center cockpit, the aft cockpit and aft stateroom design fits in here don’t you think? I wanted to make a list of true aft cockpit/aft staterooms sailboats, but I cannot think of any except the Hylas 42 and C&C 37/40.

    Because you are searching for one, I am sending you via email a list of recently sold C&C 37/40’s from brokerage records. I hope this is attractive to you as the prize for your correct answer.

  • I have a Cabo Rico/Tiburon 36. It was designed by Bill Crealock before the Cabo Rico 38. Actually the 38 hull was made from a t36’s hull with 2 feet added to the stern to create the new mold. Please see my site for more info and for pictures of these boats in detail see this:

  • Bill

    aft cockpit/aft staterooms sailboats….
    Baltic 38
    Baltic 35 is a little small but qualifies.
    C&C 34+ ?
    now show me one with shoal draft!

    Just found your site, great stuff

  • Timothy A Hallock

    I have a Midship25. Lil tight but love it.

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