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January 8, 2011

Caribbean Geography: Feasting on Waves

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A video from Alton Brown's show Feasting on Waves showing how to make Bush Tea while foraging in St. Kitts

Alton Brown’s “Feasting on Waves” captures a fun, attractive slice of cruising – exploring the cuisines of Caribbean cultures. If you have not seen the show, Alton sails around on two 50-foot custom catamarans, “Chef de Mer” and “Boheme,” to taste the flavors of local eateries in the islands. Apparently the show was produced in 2008, but I first saw it a couple weeks ago. He starts in St. Kitts and travels north through the Leeward Islands enroute to the BVI’s. He seeks to find authentic, traditional dishes. I like how precise and colorful Alton Brown is whether in his old show “Good Eats” or here. I caught the second episode where Alton is in St. Martin. He surveys the open markets of Marigot, goes to the Island Mauby factory (which is not very clean seeming), taste tests a Lolo in Grand Cass, and finally forages on Saba. The show made me dream about the Caribbean.

Places of the Caribbean

  1. Antigua (Leeward Islands)
  2. Aruba (Lesser Antilles)
  3. British Virgin Islands (Leeward Islands)
  4. Cayman Islands
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Cuba
  7. Culebra (Leeward Islands)
  8. Dominica (Leeward Islands)
  9. Dominican Republic
  10. Grenada (Windward Islands)
  11. Haiti
  12. Isle Mujeres, Mexico
  13. Jamaica
  14. Martinique (Windward Islands)
  15. Panama
  16. Puerto Rico
  17. Rio de Guatemala, Guatemala
  18. St. Kitts and Nevis (Leeward Islands)
  19. St. Lucia (Windward Islands)
  20. St. Maarten (Leeward Islands)
  21. St. Vincent (Windward Islands)
  22. Trinidad & Tobago (Windward Islands)
  23. Venezuela
  24. Water Island, British Virgin Islands (Leeward Islands)


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