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May 18, 2011

Blue Seas Directory

Filed under: Navigating — Richard Jordan @ 10:46 am
The American Practical Navigator by Bowditch

The American Practical Navigator by Bowditch

A colleague pointed me towards this Blue Seas website a week ago. First he had found via a Google search pdfs of Sailing Directions, the volumes of coastal pilots familiar to merchant mariners such as this one of the Bahamas. What a tremendous find! The government site was in a poor format though, so searching a little more, he found this Blue Seas Navigation website. This site not only has Sailing Directions but Chart 1, the Sight Reduction Tables, and Bowditch all available free for download. I have upcoming deliveries to Tortola and Columbia, and by downloading these onto my iPad, I will no longer have to lug around my hardcover copies. The new tools for your celestial navigation pleasure are an iPad and sextant. Make sure you download the current Nautical Almanac.

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