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December 14, 2010

Wood Boat Construction: Frames, Planking, Fasteners, etc.

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The Bones of a Canoe

The Bones of a Canoe

I purchased the December 2010 issue of Wooden Boat magazine the other day at West Marine. As a brokerage we sometimes used to advertise in it especially when we had a wood boat for sale. These days that is pretty rare. I have been thinking about wood boats a bit more recently, so here is an article on the basics of wood boat construction. When talking about wooden boat construction, there is a basic set of questions and associated terminology that are wholly different from those of glass techniques. This article goes through the two basic questions and lists possible answers for each. Continue reading “Wood Boat Construction: Frames, Planking, Fasteners, etc.” »

December 8, 2010

Coastal Craft Review: Fine Fit and Finish / Commercial Quality Construction

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Coastal Craft 400 IPS

Colleague Kevin Bray and I met with Jeff Rhodes, president of Coastal Craft, yesterday to see his 30 Open and 400 IPS docked here at the Royale Palm Marina in Dania Beach, Florida. Coastal Craft trucked these two models over from their British Columbia roots to showcase them in the Annapolis and Fort Lauderdale shows during 2010 and will exhibit them at the Miami and West Palm shows in 2011. Besides the sweet styling, I was impressed by the high quality of workmanship, the classic finish, and the cutting edge technologies on these aluminum boats. Simply if I was in the market for a trawler, I would like one of the Coastal Craft’s IPS models. And I also think the 30 Open is a very cute little fishing boat. These yachts should draw serious consideration from East Coast buyers and are a must see at the 2011 boat shows. The shows are a unique opportunity for East Coast boaters to educate themselves about this highly regarded West Coast brand. Continue reading “Coastal Craft Review: Fine Fit and Finish / Commercial Quality Construction” »

December 5, 2010

Bolero: The Untold Story of Her Years in Fort Lauderdale

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Bolero Under Sail (Click for CCA PDF Write-Up)

When I saw Bolero on the cover of the December issue of Cruising World, I immediately called up my friend Gordon. Bolero is a famous 73′ Sparkman & Stephens 1949 wood racer built by Henry Nevins of which a model version lies in the lobby of the New York Yacht Club. Gordon had owned Bolero in the late 1980’s living aboard her while berthed above the tunnel in Fort Lauderdale. He was shocked, “Again?” She had been refit just 10 years ago. It gave us a chance to chat about the new work done to her. Here is Bolero’s missing history – the exclusive insider story from Waves. Continue reading “Bolero: The Untold Story of Her Years in Fort Lauderdale” »

November 16, 2010

10 Best Newer Center Cockpit Sailboats

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Name this fantastic bluewater cruiser.

In a previous post, I considered the best sailboats with a price restriction of $200,000. By specifying a maximum price, I was necessarily limited to vintage designs. Now I would like to concentrate on newer designs that really I see more often in Fort Lauderdale on the brokerage market. All the below yachts are available post-2000 models

This emphasis on new construction makes me think. What is life span of fiberglass? Glass certainly deteriorates. Cosmetically as a broker you acquire a sixth sense for the condition of fiberglass. In general after 10 years, glass yachts lose a certain crispness. But do the cosmetics correspond to structural changes? I once spoke with Cecil Lange, an old boat builder of the Cape George series, and his comments affected my worldview. In essence, he noted that not only does glass loose strength but quickly. A 10 year old hull has much less strength that a new one; extrapolate that for 20 year; when you get towards 30 to 40 years, the fiberglass can have little strength left. And you cannot repair or reverse the loss of strength. There is a life span to fiberglass.

Anyways here is my short list of 10 newer center cockpits to look at for an offshore trip: Continue reading “10 Best Newer Center Cockpit Sailboats” »

November 9, 2010

The Perks of Being Crew

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“Just keep smiling,” I was told on my first day as crew on a yacht. That was twelve years ago and it has proven to be the best and easiest piece of advice to follow.

I am a yacht chef. I wake every morning at five-thirty and stumble upstairs from my cabin to grope for the button on the coffee machine. The mechanical grind of the beans and swish of water shooting through them are the first signs of life on the boat. Before I have fully opened my eyes, I tip my head back and shoot two straight shots of caffeine.  My body shudders involuntarily and my eyes squeeze shut. It’s the ritual I start my day with. Within minutes, I am smiling. I love this life. I love yachting. Continue reading “The Perks of Being Crew” »

November 3, 2010

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2010

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Megayachts Nearby the FLIBS

The 2010 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) took place from Thursday October 28th until Monday November 1st. There was less hype and advertising this year and all around cutbacks from vendors. Most products were repeats from previous years with few new designs. The Pier 66 brokerage section was not officially used this year. Despite the cutbacks on the management and vendor side, attendance was up. The always optimistic dealers thought things were better. As a brokerage, we had some qualified showings and leads. Continue reading “Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2010” »

October 14, 2010

Hylas 56 Review: Stretched 54

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Cruising World Review December 2010 (Click to Download)

Introduced at the 2010 Newport and Annapolis shows, the Hylas 56 (or Frers 55) is a stretched version of the popular 54-foot model by German Frers. LOA is 56′ 3″. Cruising World awarded her the Best Premium Sailboat Over 55-Feet for 2011. Frers stretched the design from the leading edge of the keel aft for a longer cockpit. He redesigned the stern and superstructure for both the standard and raised saloon versions. The changes increase the interior volume in the aft stateroom with more beam and 2″ more headroom. The raised saloon version has more stylized doghouse windows. Please contact us or Hylas Yachts USA for more information and the availability of production slots. See Cruising World’s excellent Hylas 56 photo gallery.

October 7, 2010

5 Common Causes of Low Diesel Engine RPMs

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Low max RPMs is a common symptom of propulsion problems. In full throttle, the tachometer does not go to the engine’s rated max RPM’s. Please read on for possible problems and troubleshooting options. Continue reading “5 Common Causes of Low Diesel Engine RPMs” »

October 3, 2010

10 Common Causes Of Marine Diesel Engines Overheating

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Perkins 4-108 is the most common diesel on sailboats and not immune to overheating.

Overheating is a common symptom of marine diesel engine blockage. Marine diesels should run at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature goes above 200, start getting worried. Dialing down the RPM’s may allow the engine to recover and run well at a more leisurely pace. Overheating is difficult to diagnose, and the only real way to solve the problem is a systemic examination of every engine element, i.e. trial and error. Here is a starter list of parts to examine: Continue reading “10 Common Causes Of Marine Diesel Engines Overheating” »

September 16, 2010

Viking 38 Convertible Review

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Viking 38C Brochure (Click to Download)

Along with Bertram and Hatteras, Viking is one of the most prestigious sportfish boat builders in the world. Bob and Bill Healey founded the company in 1964 by purchasing the Peterson-Viking Builders boatyard in New Jersey. They transformed the company into a leading semi-custom builder of convertibles. The first fiberglass design was a Viking 33-foot convertible in 1971. Their 40C design in 1972 provided the basic hull shape used for all yachts since. In 1987, Viking purchased the assets of Gulfstar Yachts in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Soon an economic recession and a misguided 10% luxury tax threatened to force the Healey brothers into bankruptcy. The Healey reinvested personal savings, cut back production, and smartly developed new tooling. It was during this era from 1989 to 1993 when Viking produced the 38-foot convertible that is the subject of this review. When the luxury tax was repealed in 1993, Viking quickly reestablished itself as a premier boat builder. Today, they have expanded to a service facility in Riviera Beach, a UK operation under the name Viking Sport Cruisers, and a Italian built 105-foot custom Versilcraft line. Continue reading “Viking 38 Convertible Review” »

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