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September 9, 2010

Columbia 29: Lawrence Walters Memories

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Columbia 29

Editor’s note: I received this comment on my Gulfstar Review article and thought the information deserved its own space. The below article is written by Larry Walters who came up with the brand name Columbia and built their first 29.

From my memory some fifty years ago, and I may remember thing from a somewhat colored view.

In 1959, I was a boat carpenter building Lapworth L-36 sailboats for Chapman and Kalajian Boat Works in Costa Mesa California. We built on a semi mass production line. The hulls were formed with strips of 1.5” X 2” mahogany edge glued over a form making a single skin hull ribs were added as stiffeners. This was strange work for me when I had both a building contractor and real-estate broker licenses. However, I need a steady income with a new 4-month-old baby at home on Balboa Island. In addition, it gave me time to keep on sailing with Don Chilcott on his M-Boat the Pursuit. Continue reading “Columbia 29: Lawrence Walters Memories” »

August 4, 2010

10 Best Sailboats: You Have Not Heard Of (But Should Know)

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Name This Lesser Known Design For a Prize. Is She One of the Ten Best?

Every once in awhile I come across a design that really is under appreciated. Espousing on these designs is one of the main goals of this blog. I seek to shed light on lesser know but very attractive designs. Usually the below designs have secret followings of dark admirers who whisper their praises in the twilight. By those few who have been enlightened, these sailboats are sought after in every corner and rarely last on the market even in these tough times. If anybody has a lesser know sailboat, I would appreciate a note in the comment section below highlighting her value. Listed in alphabetical order below are ten under appreciated design. Continue reading “10 Best Sailboats: You Have Not Heard Of (But Should Know)” »

July 28, 2010

10 Best Small Center Cockpits

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Which One of the 10 Best is shown here? A Comment Below with the Correct Answer Wins a Prize.

I met a client and showed him a center cockpit cruiser, a Hylas 44. After talking to him, I realized he was looking for a smaller boat. He belonged to the class of prospects looking for the smallest center cockpit sailboat possible. The small center cockpit is one of the most elusive, golden combinations in the yacht search. When designs shorten to below 40-feet, it is hard to find a worthwhile center cockpit yacht. At this length while the center cockpit still nicely divides up the interior, it takes up most of the prime accommodations. The list below includes 10 center cockpits under 40 feet. I have included a wide variety of mostly offshore sailboats listed by brand name. Please provide any feedback in the comment section below. Continue reading “10 Best Small Center Cockpits” »

July 26, 2010

10 Best Pocket Cruisers

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Is this Pacific Seacraft 32 Pilothouse One of the 10 Best Pocket Cruisers?

A pocket cruiser is a sailboat nearing 30 feet length or under which would be excellent for offshore use for a single hander. Listed below are ten of the best for this type of lone bluewater sailing. Many little boats in this size range are unfit for serious work where the sea constantly batters you. The stout little sailboats below would be secure enough to double the horn or sail round the world. I listed them in alphabetical order. Please comment on any additions. Continue reading “10 Best Pocket Cruisers” »

July 21, 2010

10 Best Three Cabin/Stateroom Sailboats For Under $200,000

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Can You Name This Three Stateroom Bluewater Cruiser?

There is a great discussion on a Cruisers Forum thread where the fellow is looking for a three stateroom sailboat for a reasonable price. I thought I would add to and distill the information there. The below list consists ten of the best live aboard, bluewater sailboats for a family with children that needs three staterooms. Such a family usually has a budget of between $100,000 to $200,000. They have some sailing experience including chartering, lake racing, and maybe owning a smaller sailboat in the 30 to 40 foot range. They need an extra stateroom or two so their children can have their own space while cruising. This necessarily will push the yacht into the 45 to 55 foot length range.

This price and accommodations plan is somewhat of an elusive find. Especially, the three stateroom, center cockpit nearing $100,000 is a sailboat in high demand. I have tried to avoid pirate ships like a Force 50 which I do not consider attractive to the mainstream clientele. Most of the options below have standard fin keel and skeg rudder underbodies for normal performance. Please comment below with any suggested additions or subtractions. I have listed the sailboats in alphabetical order of brand name. Continue reading “10 Best Three Cabin/Stateroom Sailboats For Under $200,000” »

July 17, 2010

Hylas Davits: Simpson-Lawrence, Wells Marine, Atkins and Hoyle, Kato

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Kato Voyager Davits on a Hylas 54

Hylas yachts with their sugar scoop sterns can be difficult for davits. The davit arrangement needs to reach past the swim platform and high enough vertically for dinghy stowage and security. The davits can become an obstacle in using the swim platform. The 49 is particularly difficult because of her narrower stern. The four most popular options are Simpson-Lawrence, Wells Marine, Atkins and Hoyle, and Kato davits. All these companies have experience with manufacturing davits which function properly and blend into the lines of Hylas yachts. Continue reading “Hylas Davits: Simpson-Lawrence, Wells Marine, Atkins and Hoyle, Kato” »

July 10, 2010

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i Review: Caribbean Cruiser

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Jeanneau SO 39i PDF Brochure (Click to Download)

Because we have a Beneteau on the brokerage market, I decided to do my due diligence and see what the local competition is like. In general, clients looking at a Beneteau are a different audience who are more price conscious and less focused on sailing around the world. The audience is more interested in enjoying the Bahamas than rounding Cape Horn. Hence, the whole market of comparable yachts is different. In a very narrow view, this market includes Beneteau, Jeanneau, Catalina, Bavaria, and Hunter. Serious sea wolfs call these plastic bimbo boats because of their reputation for lower quality construction, but I think they miss the point. I will deal with the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i in this review. Jeanneaus are similar to Beneteaus and even part of the Beneteau Group sharing technology and parts. Continue reading “Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39i Review: Caribbean Cruiser” »

June 30, 2010

Beneteau Cyclades 43 Review: Moorings Charter Boat

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Beneteau Cyclades 43 Brochure (Click to Download)

When I hear of Beneteau, I think of their Oceanis and First series as well as Lagooon catamarans. But the Cyclades series is a bit of a mystery. It is named after a set of Greek Islands and the correct pronunciation is “Kee-klar-dees” if you want to sound like a know it all. Beneteau introduced the series to compete directly with Bavaria. They do not have the racing focus of the First or the offshore focus of Oceanis. Instead, the focus is simply on mass production. She takes everything we like and dislike about Beneteaus to the extreme.

The Cyclades 43 is a Berret and Racoupeau design. Beneteau Yachts built them in Vendee, France unlike the Oceanis series built in North Carolina, USA. The 43 is also known as the Mooring 44.3 and one of the finest charter boats around. Moorings operates on a purchase and charter basis with 5 year term lease agreements. According to brokerage records, Beneteau started production of the Cyclades 43 in 2005 and produced them until 2007. A mass of Cyclades are flooding the brokerage market as they get out of charter in 2010. Moorings has no less than 13 at the moment for sale. There are 39, 43, 50 foot sisterships. Continue reading “Beneteau Cyclades 43 Review: Moorings Charter Boat” »

June 29, 2010

Amel Maramu 46 Review: Elegant World Cruiser

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Amel Maramu 48 Brochure (Click To Download)

The Amel Maramu 46 is Henri Amel and Jacques Carteau designed, Chantiers Amel built. While company literature designates her as the Maramu 48, she is better known as the Maramu 46. Amel introduced the Maramu design in 1976 based on “our experiences with the Euros 41′ and Meltem 53′.” By 1985, they had produced 200 hulls and made a switch, adding in-mast furling and articulating whisker poles. As always when Amel made a change, they never looked back. All future Amels would come with in-mast furling units. They make clean breaks and limit options to a minimal set. If you are looking for a custom design to outfit your desire, Amels are not it. Amels are focused, oceangoing machines not dock queens to be tucked ashore at the slightest breeze. The 46 Maramu is truly a classic ready to circumnavigate shorthanded or singlehanded. Amel stopped production of the 46 in 1989. The design lineage continued on with the Maramu name and in the 1990’s introduced the 52/53 Super Maramu. These days Amel is introducing a new 64-footer. Continue reading “Amel Maramu 46 Review: Elegant World Cruiser” »

June 1, 2010

Sundeer 56/60 Review: Super Offshore Sailing Machine

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Sundeer 60 Brochure

Steve and Linda Dashew started out in 1978 with the 68′ Deerfoot. This was the first design with a molded swim platform. Their goal was and still is to build the optimal offshore boat. They followed with a range of Deerfoot designs. Then they made a switch in the 1990’s to their second evolution, Sundeer. One of these designs, the 60′ Sundeer (also shortened to be the 56-footer) would become a production fiberglass yacht built by Tillotson Pearson Industrial Composites or TPI for short in Warren, Rhode Island. They produced seventeen of the 56/60 Sundeers from 1994 to 1997. The Dashews moved onto their Beowolf and Godspeed designs in the late 1990’s. Today, they are focusing a a FPB series of circumnavigable poweryachts including their test bed, Windhorse. Sundeers distinguish themselves by being narrower (4.9 length to beam ratio), very fine entries (14 degrees from centerline), and larger mainsails than other offshore yachts. These changes give them additional waterline length and increase passagemaking speeds as the Sundeer 60’s for instance regularly average over 200 nautical miles a day offshore. Dashew says that the 60 is the “most efficient 2 person cruising boat we could conceive.” Continue reading “Sundeer 56/60 Review: Super Offshore Sailing Machine” »

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