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July 9, 2013

Hans Christian 4750 Explorer Review: Super Charged Hylas 49

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Hans Christian Offshore Explorer 4750 PDF Brochure (Click to Download)

Subsequent to Tony Seibert’s consultation on the Hylas 49, Tony launched in association with Hans Christian Yachts the Explorer series which includes this 4750. The model was introduced at the Oakland Show in 2000 and then trucked to the east coast for the 2001 show season. He contracted legendary designer Chuck Paine and famed sailor Nigel Calder to engineer them to meet specific design objectives for serious offshore sailing. The result was a breed of offshore vessels that took the marker to a new height in quality and construction. The more one looks the more one sees the countless hours of design from a true sailors viewpoint that went into these vessels. Continue reading “Hans Christian 4750 Explorer Review: Super Charged Hylas 49” »

April 3, 2013

Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show: Featured Yacht – Mason 34 “Sugar Time”

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Annapolis Spring Show 2013

Annapolis Spring Show 2013

After a successful 2012 show premier, the Annapolis Spring Show is back again running from April 26-28. On US Boat’s website there is a list of sailboats who will be presented at the Spring show. Manufactures such as Beneteau, Hylas, and Passport will be representing their latest designs.

From US Shows
In late April, the second running of the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show and Cruisers University comes to town. Ego Alley and surrounding docks will fill with sailboats, both new and brokered. Catamarans, mono hulls, inflatables, day sailors, and paddle boards will complement over 100 maritime exhibitors on City Dock.

The expanded footprint will accommodate an even more impressive array of products and entertainment than in the show’s first year, which welcomed visitors from over 30 states and around the globe. Continue reading “Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show: Featured Yacht – Mason 34 “Sugar Time”” »

March 13, 2013

Visit Us in Booth I-35 @ Dania Beach Marine Flea Market

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Jordan Display of Yachts for Sale

The Dania Beach Marine Flea Market opens tomorrow in the Dania Jai Alai parking lot. This annual event provides an excellent opportunity for the savvy boater to find good deals on used items. There are everything from center console to giant sharks for sale. Of course, there is cold beer and food as well. Come by our booth at I-35. We have a sport fishing chair, helm seats, and other miscellaneous gear. The market runs from Thursday until Sunday, 8am until 6pm daily. We hope to see you there.

February 6, 2013

Tartan 3700 – New England Performance Cruiser

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I am on delivery from Fort Lauderdale to Savannah, Georgia at the moment and will respond to comments as my broadband availability allows. Sea stories, a navigation guide, an updated review of the Taswell 49 All Season are to come.

I know the Tartan 3700 well after representing a 2004 model for the last year and a half. Built out of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, Tartan Yachts is one of the few American sailboat builders still in production along with Sabre, Catalina, and Island Packet. This group of brands encompasses a niche market while also spans the spectrum of low to high quality and performance. The closest in comparison to the 3700 are the Sabre 362 and 386 models. Her highlights include incredible performance and beautiful cherry woodwork. You can purchase a new 3700 in 2013 in the 300k USD range. Continue reading “Tartan 3700 – New England Performance Cruiser” »

January 9, 2013

From Port Everglades via Government Cut to Dinner Key

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Dinner Key Satellite View

This article is a guide to sailing south from Port Everglades through Government Cut to Dinner Key Marina. It is based on a recent delivery of a yacht.

Note: Unless you have less than 55′ bridge clearance, you must go offshore. The Julia Tuttle fixed overpass is a special limiting factor on the SE Florida ICW.
Caution: Watch your weather. Making this trip in the winter months can be uncomfortable as nor’easters routinely come through, buck the Gulf Stream, and generate heavy chop. In the summer months, low pressure tropical storms can lead to subpar weather conditions.
Continue reading “From Port Everglades via Government Cut to Dinner Key” »

December 12, 2012

Taswell 49 All Season – Dixon Dream Design

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Updated February 10, 2013 after delivering a 49 All Season from Fort Lauderdale to Savannah, Georgia

Taswell 49 All Season Brochure

The Taswell 49 is one model in a line of high quality, high performance yachts designed by Bill Dixon’s Angus S. Primose, Ltd of Southhampton, England and built by the legendary Tainan, Taiwan yard Ta Shing Yacht Building Co. Ta Shing is famous for their Norhavn trawlers as well as Tashiba, Mason, Baba, Panda, and Norseman sailboat brands. The Taswell series included 43, 49, and 56 foot models originally and later 44, 50, and 58 versions. Ta Shing built the line between 1989 and 2003 according to brokerage records. I have a preliminary sketch for a 60-footer in my records which I do not believe was ever built. In addition to the standard deck layouts, Taswell built so-called “All Season” versions of which the 49 All Season is the inspiration and primary focus of this review. These All Season models have full inside helms (throttle and wheel) with completely independent steering systems. In the brochure, Ta Shing writes that their goal was “to create a new standard of excellence for passage making yachts.” Judging by the strong demand 23-years later, they delivered. Please read on for full details of my research into the 49-foot All Season model. Continue reading “Taswell 49 All Season – Dixon Dream Design” »

November 28, 2012

Spot vs In Reach Reviewed

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My Good ol' Spot Locator

My typical usage for communications is a SPOT tracker and a sat phone. The SPOT sends out my latitute and longitude while I can receive free incoming text message on the sat phone. This combination is the simpliest and lowest cost option to keep people up to date on your location and condition as well as receive wx reports. Also you can pick up the sat phone and make an outgoing call at extra cost if you need that type of support.

But recently I have been investigating upgrading to DeLorme’s InReach product. Below is a comparison. My verdict? SPOT is still the better option for my style of offshore delivery usage. I need the unlimited tracking and messaging capabilities as I would quickly eat up the 10 / 40 message limits on InReach. You be the judge for yours. Continue reading “Spot vs In Reach Reviewed” »

October 24, 2012

2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 25th – 29th

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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2012

With over 3 billion in inventory and some of the largest yachts in the world exhibiting, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show opens up tomorrow at Bahia Mar Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you have never been, no matter the size of your yacht, the show is a boaters dream of sights, sounds, and gear. If you are coming to town, please give us call to see some yachts for sale in and around the show.

September 26, 2012

Annapolis Shows: Sail – October 4 – 8, Power – October 11 – 14, 2012

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41st Annapolis Sail & Power Shows

The 2012 show season continues a week from tomorrow with manufacturers and dealers exhibiting at the 41st annual United States Shows in Annapolis, Maryland. The sail show is October 4 – 8; the power show is October 11-14. Please visit the US Boat Show website for more information including how to purchase tickets.

September 19, 2012

Wave Reviews 2.0

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Without question, my most popular posts here on Waves are reviews I wrote 2 to 3 years ago. As they have aged, the articles seem to get ever more interest. Some of the favorites based on the number of comments I have received are the Brewer 44, Amel 46, and Hylas 44. The core of these articles form the basis of my most popular list of center cockpit sailboats.

I wrote these reviews in great admiration of John Kretschmer’s Sailing Magazine reviews. John’s two editions of the Used Boat Notebook sat on my desk and provided an excellent resource for some of the reviews. Continue reading “Wave Reviews 2.0” »

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"Using your services in purchasing our Beneteau 44 CC in 2007, and now in selling it in 2015, gave new meaning to the two happiest days in a boat owner’s life. Your endeavors provided significant added value to each transaction. While sailing the vessel back to Ft Lauderdale from Tortola had its moments of excitement, I can attest that selling Islander through you in Ft Lauderdale was better than our prior boat purchase/sale experience at Nanny Cay. There were no hidden costs and adjusting the price appropriately to meet market conditions proved the importance of having your professional advice. Undoubtedly Jill and I will someday again succumb to the dream and when that day occurs you can rest assured that you will hear from us." - PR, S/V Islander