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July 4, 2012

Navigation Guide from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale

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When cruising from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale, you can travel through the Exumas up towards the Providence channel or stay south through the old Bahama channel. I will outline here the old Bahama route. It is a wonderful, 1,000 nm journey with the predominant southeast tradewinds and swell. It is an American trip as you never leave the jurisdiction of the United States. I completed this route a month ago non-stop on delivery of a 44-foot yacht. As we arrived in the Port Everglades basin where, sure enough, US Customs and Border Control pulled us over. They asked, “Where are ye out of, boys? What was yer last port of entry?” The response seemed to shock them. “Fajardo, Puerto Rico.” In terms of our legal travel obligations we might just as well said Georgia. Continue reading “Navigation Guide from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale” »

June 27, 2012

NMMA Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract

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NMMA 2011 Statistical Report

The NMMA produces an annual “Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract” that outlines the US boating market. While the report primarily deals with the smaller vessels that dominate the overall number of units sold in the US, the report reveals broad marine statistics. In reading the 2011 version (available via the image link to your right), I was struck by three statistical trends: (1) an increase in overall boaters, (2) an incredible down market in new sales, and (3) the importance of Florida.

The first I noticed was the overall boater rate of person over the age of 18-years-old in the US. Simply put, boating had gone of style in the 2000’s, but the good news is the lifestyle is making a comeback. Participation in 2011 was the highest since 1997’s 35.8% with a three year positive trend of 28.3%, 32.4%, 34.8% respectively for 2009, 2010, and 2011. If this continues we will be back to the 36.5% rate in 1990. Continue reading “NMMA Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract” »

June 20, 2012

Hylas 44 Review: The Essense of Hylas Yachts

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An updated version after a 7-day offshore delivery of a 44 from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale to refresh my knowledge. This post has been one of my most controversial reviews as I try to be specific about the faults of perhaps my most favorite design.

PDF Flyer (Click To Download)

PDF Flyer (Click To Download)

The 44 is symbolic of Hylas in general. When I think of Hylas, I first think of the 44. She is Queen Long’s most prolific design. Another reason is that she was Jordan Yacht & Ship’s bread and butter in brokerage sales. Anytime during the 1990’s, we would have 2 or 3 in Fort Lauderdale. And if we did not have one for sale that pleased a client, we would check with Dick, and he would have an owner eager to trade up to a 45.5 or 46 Hylas. Queen Long introduced the 42 and 44 German Frers designs in 1985. Before then, they had been producing Kelly Peterson 44/46’s and the Stevens 47. Joseph coupled the Frers 42 and 44 with the Stevens 47 branding them Hylas after a Greek mythological figure. The 44 and 47 became the mainstays of Jachney’s CYC charter fleet. Dick’s influence grew, and he became the sole US importer of Hylas yachts in 1990. Jordan Yachts became a Hylas dealer and the goto brokerage of pre-owned Hylases. John Kretschmer, a Jordan broker, became the head delivery captain of Hylas. He has stolen our thunder with his excellent review of the 44 Hylas. Please see our Hylas Models Page for information about other Hylas models. Continue reading “Hylas 44 Review: The Essense of Hylas Yachts” »

June 13, 2012

On Delivery From Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale

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I am on delivery of a sistership to the above yacht enroute from Puerto Rico. Please check back in the coming weeks for navigation tips, sea stories, and more from my adventures offshore.

June 6, 2012

Books for the Armchair Sailor

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I have accumulated a yachting library over the last few years and would like to share the ones I most recommend. Please look over the above non-fiction books and the below fiction novels and let me know what you like. Have you read any of these and, if so, what did you think? Please feel free to comment below.



May 30, 2012

Spring 2012 Brokerage Report

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Beach in Grand Case, St. Martin

Until the recent sour turn of Europe, all signs were positive this year, and Spring 2012 was one of our best quarters in the last 4 years. Americans are purchasing yachts as well as Canadians and South American clients. On the personal side, I took a yacht delivery to Saint Maarten and had an excellent time as seen by the beautiful beach photo above. Continue reading “Spring 2012 Brokerage Report” »

May 23, 2012

Yachts and their Car Equivalents

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Yacht and Car Equivalents

I saw a internet question asking what are the catamaran equivalents to Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, and Ferrari. This topic struck my interest as possibly a good analogy to introduce to new yachtsmen the reputation of brands of all types from power to sail to catamarans. Trying to answer the question, also made me reevaluate how I look at yacht brands in terms of similarities and differences to the car market. I decided to break the analogy down into two sections: quality and type. The quality section compares car and yacht brands in terms of term build reputation which equivalates in both cases directly to pricing. The type section talks about how the car types such as compact, SUV, and sport compare to yacht types like pocket cruisers, deck saloons, and racing designs. Continue reading “Yachts and their Car Equivalents” »

May 16, 2012

Drive Types – Inboard, Outboard, Sterndrive, Jet, Pod

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Gemini 105MC Sterndrive

Most commonly yachts feature an inboard engine which exits through a stuffing box to a cutlass bearing and prop. Or they feature an outboard motor attached to the transom. But there are a couple other alternatives including sterndrive (I/O), jet, and pod drives. Let’s survey the type of yacht and qualities of each of these drive types. Continue reading “Drive Types – Inboard, Outboard, Sterndrive, Jet, Pod” »

May 9, 2012

Celestial Navigation Primer

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My Sextant

Getting your latitude by celestial navigation can be actually relatively easy. It also can be totally overwhelming if you read the incredibly obtuse chapter 8 of Bowditch. My advise when learning is to stick to a few basics as outlined below. Continue reading “Celestial Navigation Primer” »

May 2, 2012

Guide from Port Everglades to Lake Okeechobee

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A Bridge Enroute to Lake Okeechobee

It is posible to save 165 NM of navigation by crossing the state of Florida via Lake Okeechobee instead of doubling the Keys. Going counterclockwise, you enter through the Port St. Lucie Inlet, then motor up the river, and finally connect to the Port St Lucie canal. This canal leads under many bridges, past Indiantown, through two locks, and into Lake Okeechobee. There are draft and bridge clearance restrictions. Excellent information is available on the super Blue Seas website.

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"I wanted to send a note to the owner of Jordan Yachts because my wife and I have been blown away by the service and efficiency Tom Harney and the office staff in the purchase of our sailboat that is closing today. To say the least Tom in our view has gone above and beyond to help us newbies in the sailing world get all our ducks in a row. We feel his help has be extraordinary. We feel you have a great staff and would highly recommend your services to anyone." - PG, SV Pelican