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April 25, 2012

The Past of Yachting

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Starling Burgess' Ranger

Alden, Burgess, Herreshoff, Paine are some of the legends of yacht design. After my recent travels aboard a Lewis Francis Herreshoff schooner, I have been thinking about what exactly went on back then. There is no doubt we have come a long way in terms of performance and durability. Some may say we have lost in the ways of beauty though that always is a function of perspective. What I think we may have traded off is romance; it is impossible to replicate the smell and feel of a wooden classic on a modern yacht. Continue reading “The Past of Yachting” »

April 18, 2012

Guide from Fort Lauderdale to Saint Maarten

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Danger: Traveling this route during the tropical season from June until November is not advised.

Route April 2012 from Fort Lauderdale to Saint Maarten

Traveling by sea from Florida to Saint Maarten is a 1,500 nautical mile journey upwind. There are two options: (1) the scenic route down the thorny path (2) the delivery route on route 65. The path to most take advantage of predominant wind conditions is route 65 as detailed in this article. This option is the proven path over decades to most quickly and safely jump from Florida to the Leeward Islands. Continue reading “Guide from Fort Lauderdale to Saint Maarten” »

April 11, 2012

Adrift Through the Windward Passage

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I am still off on delivery and unable to respond to comments until I get to a hotspot. Hopefully, I am experiencing better times than in the sea story below.

Safe Ashore at the Manzanilla Marina

I was offshore in a tropical gale with a dirty fuel tank and an engine with intermittent low oil pressure. Now the autopilot had failed; the backup autopilot could not handle the heavy seas. It was back to hand steering.

The boat was a Catalina 32, and my fellow mercenary sailor and I were enroute to Cartagena, Colombia. The seas seemed taller than the vessel’s length, and, with every surge down a wave face, I thought the rudder was going to snap off. Continue reading “Adrift Through the Windward Passage” »

April 4, 2012

On Delivery To St. Maarten

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This week I am enroute from Fort Lauderdale to St. Maarten aboard the pictured yacht, a 75-foot Herreshoff design.

SV Mistral

Please check back in the next few weeks for stories and technical articles from my delivery adventure to St Maarten.

March 28, 2012

Features of the Catamaran of the Future

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What is the Future of Sailing Catamarans?

There no doubt to me that catamarans will play a larger part in the future of sailing and especially cruising than they have in the past. Even in racing, the America’s Cup is now catamarans. I see daily once monohull clients switching to catamarans. The numbers back this trend up too. Multihulls have increased from 20% to 30% of sales in Fort Lauderdale. I see this number reaching 50% within 10 years based on what is being manufactured and exhibited at boat shows. The once Beneteau, Bavaria dominated charter fleets are Lagoons and Leopards. Sailors choose catamarans for speed, draft, stability, etcetera characteristics. Which of these characteristics are most important and what will the catamarans of the future look like? In the following post, I outline three key features. Continue reading “Features of the Catamaran of the Future” »

March 21, 2012

Gozzard 36 Review: Ingenious Interior

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Gozzard 36

The closer you look at the Gozzard 36, the more well thought out features you will find on this classic Canadian cruiser. The Gozzard family has been building sailboats since 1970 when Ted and his brother opened up Bayfield Yachts in Ontario building a wide range of sailboats from 25 to 40-feet. In 1981 Ted split off and opened Gozzard Yachts which currently offers a wide range of power and sail yachts from 24 to 53 feet. They built about 100 hulls of the subject of this review, the Gozzard 36, from 1984 until 1998. She features an unconventional layout, beautiful styling, and robust construction. Continue reading “Gozzard 36 Review: Ingenious Interior” »

March 14, 2012

Wind or Solar?

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An Example Wind Generator

Key to keeping your batteries charged in the Bahamas is an alternative energy source. With diesel over $5/gallon who wants to run the engine or a generator to power refrigeration and autopilot. “Is wind or solar a better choice?” I am often asked and see posted in online mailing lists or chatboards where I hang out. While the choice is a matter of opinion, I see and hear a quiet preference for wind. The choice is affected by your cruising ground, space restrictions on your yacht, etcetera. In this article, I will lay out the pluses and minuses for either option. Continue reading “Wind or Solar?” »

March 7, 2012

Brokerage Report Winter 2012

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Nearly Full Docks at Royale Palm

Winter this year in Lauderdale was pretty temperate with few cold fronts dropping temperatures sub-50 degrees Farenheit. With that we had a better year of snowbirds with Royale Palm reaching near full capacity for the first time since ’08. That was a clear sign to me that the economy must be flattening out, so I am again optimistic that sales this year will be more tempid than last. We have a handful of deals in progress which further gives me positive vibes. Continue reading “Brokerage Report Winter 2012” »

February 29, 2012

Brewer 44 Review: Second Generation Whitby

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This article was re-posted with significant updates on February 29, 2012. A big thanks goes to Captain Finney for historical and technical corrections. Additional thanks goes to some Aussie and Canadian friends.

Brewer 12.8 Original PDF Brochure (Click to Download)

I seem to see Whitby and Brewers everywhere these days and have been fine tuning my identification skills to pick between the three versions: 42’s, 12.8’s, and 44’s. I was kayaking the Fruit Isles in Fort Lauderdale the other day and passed by the nice 12.8 in the featured photo below. I like her dark green hull color. The easiest one to differentiate is the Brewer 44 ostensibly the subject of this review. But you cannot talk about one without touching on the others, so if you are in the market for a 42 or 12.8, this article should include useful information too. Kurt and Doris Hansen of Whitby Boatworks in Ontario, Canada were the first to build these sailboats. They commissioned Edward S. Brewer & Associates to design her in 1972. The first Whitby 42 splashed out of their yard in 1973. The Hansens went on to build over 200 hulls from 1973 to somewhere around 1990. Previous to this, Whitby Boat Works had built the Alberg 30 and Alberg 37. In around 1980, the Hansens commissioned Fort Myers Yacht and Shipbuilding Inc on the west coast of Florida to build Whibys because they could not meet the exceptional demand. They trucked an old mold from Canada. The Fort Myers Whitbys were casually called Florida Whibys. Continue reading “Brewer 44 Review: Second Generation Whitby” »

February 22, 2012

Report on Miami Strictly Sail 2012

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The Scotia 44 at Slip 10B

Strictly Sail Miami at Miamarina, Bayside ran from last Thursday to this Monday. We had incredible weather with a light northeaster keeping temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s. I exhibited aboard the Scotia 44, a Canadian model being built at Snyder’s Shipyard in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. We had a steady stream of clients very complimentary about her unique old world charm and sexy new age lines. Nationalities spanned the globe from Italy, Spain, China, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and all across North America. Certainly there was a proud plurality of Canadians admiring the fine craftsmanship of their country and romance of Bluenose II. Continue reading “Report on Miami Strictly Sail 2012” »

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