Navigation Guide from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale

When cruising from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale, you can travel through the Exumas up towards the Providence channel or stay south through the old Bahama channel. I will outline here the old Bahama route. It is a wonderful, 1,000 nm journey with the predominant southeast tradewinds and swell. It is an American trip as you never leave the jurisdiction of the United States. I completed this route a month ago non-stop on delivery of a 44-foot yacht. As we arrived in the Port Everglades basin where, sure enough, US Customs and Border Control pulled us over. They asked, “Where are ye out of, boys? What was yer last port of entry?” The response seemed to shock them. “Fajardo, Puerto Rico.” In terms of our legal travel obligations we might just as well said Georgia.

The first part of the journey from Puerto Rico to Lauderdale is in the Lee of Puerto Rico herself. San Juan is a must see destination if you have a chance and seeing the old Fort by sea is a wonderful sight. You should have a nice breeze and smooth seas. As you scoot out north of the Mona Passage between Hispanola and P.R., the seas will increase until you find yourself in the lee of Hispanola.

The Dominican Republic is an amazingly beautiful landscape, lush and mountainous. The best stop for fuel is the newish Waterworld marina about half way along the north coast of the D.R. You can fuel up for the remaining three-fourths of the journey back stateside. The Dominican coast ends, and Haiti begins also incredibly beautiful on this Northwest point. Oddly a steady stream of disposable food containers and plastic bottles emanate from the Haitian shore. One can speculate this pollution as a result of the continuing post-earthquake turmoil in Port-of-Prince.

Next you pass over the Windward Passage and under the first sighting of an island of the Bahamas, Inagua. Cuba, possibly blacked out on your charts, will be south. If you are not American, Cuba is another opportunity for stopping. I highly recommend avoiding Matthewstown, Great Inagua. Soon you will be heading more northerly towards the Florida Keys and up through the deep water Bahama Channel. At some point the Gulfstream will kick in, and you get a nice boost up the coast and back into 3G range to check back into the civilized world.

If you are thinking of making this passage or have before and want to share your experiences, please post a comment below, and I will get back to as soon as I can check in to a wifi signal ashore.

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  1. Heck of a good time and good weather. I crewed for the two boat owners. Just the 3 of us.

  2. Hello I was thinking of leaving out of Tampa FL To Puerto Rico, Would you suggest the same Route ? How long was you journey to and from? What size boat ? and how many times did you have to fuel up? I’m assuming passing through Haiti is safe? Thank you for your response in advanse

  3. My wife and I are planning leaving St. Thomas after Jan 1 and heading to Boca Raton. I was thinking of going south of Puerto Rico and ten north of Dominican Republic, then to Gran Turk, Nassau, Freeport, Boca. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

  4. how big of a center console boat would I need to make the same trip. I was thinking about buying a used one when I move and retire to Puerto rico. would a center console boat be good enough to cruise the water ways from florida to bvi. let me know

  5. Hi, I need help
    I have to get to Puerto Rico since the hurricane I have not reached my grandmother she is more of a mother to me. The airports are closed therefore I am trying to find another way and not having any luck. Is there some one who can help or know of anyone who will be willing to take me there from Florida.

  6. Hello. I’m considering buying a 48 ft vessel in Fajardo PR and need to get it back to the northeast. Can anyone offer advice on the best route to travel to get back to Florida. Boat holds 683 gallons of diesel. Obviously not enough to make the trip. Looking for any info any info on route, stops and fuel ports. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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