Wind or Solar?

An Example Wind Generator

Key to keeping your batteries charged in the Bahamas is an alternative energy source. With diesel over $5/gallon who wants to run the engine or a generator to power refrigeration and autopilot. “Is wind or solar a better choice?” I am often asked and see posted in online mailing lists or chatboards where I hang out. While the choice is a matter of opinion, I see and hear a quiet preference for wind. The choice is affected by your cruising ground, space restrictions on your yacht, etcetera. In this article, I will lay out the pluses and minuses for either option.

Wind Generator Pros
People prefer wind because on average it produces more power, more consistantly. You might think in the Caribbean that sun would be the best source. But do not forget the tradewinds blow nearly without fail night and day, sunshine or rain. Wind is consistant. Further north wind makes even more sense as days become short in the winter and the sun fades. The darkness of cruising areas such as the Pacific Northwest precludes the use of solar.

Wind generators, I find, are also easier to find space for on a yacht. It is less obtrusive to find space to mount a pole than surface area for panels.

Solar Panel Pros
Despite the inconsistency, people love solar because it is a perfectly quiet power source. Whirling wind generators grate on your ears after awhile. A big point of alternative energy is to avoid running a noisy motor. Why then install a turbine? Solar advocates also tout the increasing efficiency and low cost of newer model panels. And they argue that wind generators need more than 10 to 15 knots to produce enough power which in light wind areas or secluded harbors can be difficult to get.

The spinning blades of a wind generator is also a dangerous obstacle while aboard. Solar on the other hand has no moving parts.

Costwise both run a couple thousand to install. Depending on your cruising grounds and noise toleration, both wind and solar are viable choices. In the end, many yachts have both as well as even a portable gas generator or inboard diesel to cover all bases. When it is sunny, the solar panels charge the batteries while at night or on rainy days the wind generator catches the breeze. When neither, crank up the generator.

What do you have your yacht? I welcome all comments in regards to the issues covered here as well as new ones not brought up.

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